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Folding A4 Leaflet Stand Folding A4 Leaflet Stand
€396.03 €396.03
Straight Fabric Backwall - 240 x 240 cm Straight Fabric Backwall - 240 x 240 cm
€462.47 €462.47
3,30m Teardrop / Quill Advertising Flag 3,30m Teardrop / Quill Advertising Flag
€83.15 €83.15
Tasting Counter Tasting Counter
€276.45 €276.45
Snake Fabric Stand 0,9 x 2,2 m With a Single-Sided Printout Snake Fabric Stand 0,9 x 2,2 m With a Single-Sided Printout
€343.28 €343.28
Wavy Fabric Backwall - Horizontal 300 x 240 cm Wavy Fabric Backwall - Horizontal 300 x 240 cm
€575.93 €575.93
Straight Fabric Backwall - 300 x 240 cm Straight Fabric Backwall - 300 x 240 cm
€513.86 €513.86
2,5m Shimmer Advertising Flag With the Refillable Base 2,5m Shimmer Advertising Flag With the Refillable Base
€72.43 €72.43
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Display stands in recent years are one of the most popular and most used advertising medium. They are most often used during various events, fairs or conferences. Not everyone is aware, however, that their use has a number of advantages. Stands of this type above all are able to perfectly arrange the space. With their help, you can create a unique scenery and make your company's stand more attractive. What's more, they are also a carrier of advertisements and promotions, and often they are also used for educational activities.

What are bespoke stands?

Display stands are nothing but a kind of advertising medium, used in many promotional activities. They are usually made of aluminium profile frames of various dimensions. You can adapt them to your own requirements and needs. You can connect the walls to any length, width and height.

Advantages of display stands!

Display stands have many advantages. The most important is of course that they can be ordered to size. This means that you do not have to adapt to rigid dimensional frames - you can choose them to suit your needs, requirements and graphic aesthetics. In addition, it is also important that they are relatively easy to transport. For the needs of customers, their profiles are cut into shorter sections so that they can be easily folded and unfolded at any time. Thanks to this, they can be packed into a car, for example.

Another interesting fact also seems to be that the print is made on flexible fabric trimmed with silicone tape. Thus, it is possible to fold it into cubes and spread it on aluminium profiles, without fear of any creases. The fabric straightens completely and no creases are visible.

Not everyone is also aware that advertising bespoke stand can be combined with LED and halogen lighting. The applied light alone or "wholesale" will perfectly distinguish the offer, and at the same time will not muffle the aesthetics or the proper exposure.

Our stands also have a lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about losing their quality. These are premium class products. We offer our clients stands with precise dimensions and products that go beyond the standard frames.

Application of display stands

Bespoke stands are perfect, among others, during the exhibition at the exhibition or at the trade fair stand. They are great at attracting attention and - in combination with interesting graphics - interest potential customers in the offer. Due to, as already mentioned, easy and hassle-free transport, the stands can be taken to events anywhere in the world.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that walls often play a specific role in masking, among others, unnecessary elements of architecture or infrastructure of a given building. You can cover something behind them that could negatively affect the feelings of potential customers or recipients of the ad. Properly placed graphics on the wall will also make everyone want to get to know the offer or company described on it better.

The quality of our products can also be confirmed by the opinions of existing customers who have a positive opinion on bespoke stands.

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