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Modern Barrier Post

This barrier post owes its name to the modernist trapezoidal crown finish, which is extremely elegant and timeless, and thus looks great in virtually all conditions and in any location where we would like to use barrier posts. Thanks to the use of a classic structure with a place to attach a rope or a cord separating the posts, it can be freely organized, and the solid base ensures proper stability of the post also in outdoor applications. The appearance of the separating post is undeniably very presentable and will certainly not bring shame to any buyer and premises in which it will serve. High-quality workmanship and care for the finish will ensure a very long time of use, without fear that the post will tarnish or begin to rust after some time - with such a high quality of the product we offer, you can give yourself peace of mind for a good few years.

Technical data of the barrier post:

Wymiary słupków odgradzających

  • Finish: chrome;
  • Crown shape: trapezoid;
  • Material: stainless steel;
  • Post height: 92 cm;
  • Base weight: 6.5 kg;
  • Total weight of the post with the stand: 7.3 kg;
  • Base diameter: 32 cm
  • Packing up to 4 pieces in a carton;
  • The separating cords (ropes) presented in the photos should be purchased separately;

High quality

The posts are made of high-quality stainless steel, it is a material that ensures their longevity, regardless of whether they are used outdoors - i.e. outside, in front of the entrance to the premises - or inside, for example at the reception. The level of finish of the post is at an equally high level, which means that the post not only fulfils its function but also attracts attention and determines the level of prestige, which will surely soar.

Słupek odgradzający wysokiej jakości

What is the barrier post for?

A barrier post, as the name suggests, is used to separate or separate space - we can mean a traffic corridor, a special zone, or a place to wait in line. There are many applications and we do not have to limit ourselves only to such applications, but it is certainly such applications that will be the most numerous.

In addition to the function of controlling and limiting movement, the barrier post is also undoubtedly a beautiful decoration that will add prestige and tasteful elegance to the image of the premises. Of course, even in the case of a looser atmosphere, such a post will also be a nice decoration.

We can use barrier posts in places such as:

  • Hotels;
  • Restaurants;
  • VIP areas;
  • Clubs;
  • Cultural events;
  • Fair events;
  • Shops;
  • Offices

Application in the hotel - as a hotel bollard

 Zastosowanie jako Słupek Hotelowy

Hotels are one of those places where barrier posts can be used quite widely. Hotel posts - because they can be made in this way - can perform various functions, such as additional decoration and a fence of other free-standing or hanging decorations at the same time. You can easily designate a place for a queue or a suitable traffic corridor in order to organize the smooth movement of guests. The posts are also ideal for marking entrances or special zones. Taking into account that hotels often have their own restaurant or food court, hotel bollards turn out to be all the more useful, as in a restaurant the bollards will be used just as widely as in a hotel.

Application in the Restaurant

Separating posts are also perfect for all restaurants - elegant ones as well as those with a more relaxed atmosphere. Just like in a hotel, restaurant posts can be used to separate the space for a queue in the case of larger events and refreshments, or just as a stylish sign for entering the premises. The posts can also be used at the reception or waiting room for the cloakroom, to separate the area of served or waiting customers. They are also perfect for separating zones for special guests or booking tables. In a large banquet hall, they can be used to separate a corridor-zone-traffic and banquet areas composed of several tables. As in the case of hotels, barrier posts can also be used to separate decorative spaces with standing or hanging decorations, and they can also function as such decorations. Regardless of the application, the premises will certainly gain aesthetics and prestige if it is equipped with such separating posts.

Application in the VIP area

Zastosowanie jako słupek do wyznaczenia Strefy VIP

When designating a VIP area, you usually need to ensure the presence of the fencing used, and in this case, elegant barrier posts will be perfect. The VIP zone can be designated in various places and venues, but usually, these are hotels, restaurants and clubs. The separating posts will be used in each of these places and can be used not only to designate the zone inside the rooms but also outside the premises, for example marking the VIP entry point or VIP parking. In this case, you absolutely cannot afford any shortcomings or shortcomings - each element should be perfect, because if it is not, then the reputation of the place or event will certainly suffer.

Application at trade fairs

During events such as trade fairs, barrier posts can be particularly used not only because at trade fairs there are catering points that can use such posts, but also because they will be perfect for, for example, the boundaries of your stand. Such a post will also have a decorative and eye-catching function, which, combined with appropriate exhibition systems, will certainly attract a lot of visitors to the stand. The organizers of the fair will also find utility in the barrier posts, who will be able to designate pedestrian traffic arteries, queues, waiting rooms or VIP areas in a stylish way.

Use as a post to mark the traffic zone

 Zastosowanie jako słupek do wyznaczenia strefy ruchu

Marking the pedestrian traffic zone is another interesting application of barrier posts. Such a zone can be designated practically wherever it is needed, for example in an office, bank, airport, at fairs, or at polling stations during elections. Such use not only adds aesthetics but also allows you to control and properly organize the way people move around in a given place. Together with the traffic zone, you can also designate a place for the queue so that everyone has a clear view of where the queue starts and ends. In any case, the separating posts will also fulfil a decorative function.

Why is it worth buying a barrier post?

A barrier post is worth buying mainly because in combination with a cord or a barrier rope it allows you to easily manage almost any space. It will also work well in almost every place, such as a hotel, restaurant, club, as well as in many public places such as offices, airports or banks. The separating post, in addition to easy management of space and customer traffic, will also work as a stylish and timeless decoration. The use of a classic design allows for easy replacement of cords and barrier ropes in case there is a need to change the decor or change the colour for variety. The design that allows for the attachment of barrier cords allows not only to quickly replace them but also to replace them without the need to purchase new posts. Barrier posts will prove successful in both internal and external applications, and their solid workmanship will guarantee their use for many years.

Cords and ropes for barrier posts

The mentioned above interchangeable barrier cords, also known as barrier ropes or borders, should be purchased separately and can also be easily purchased in our store. All you need to do is click on one of the pictures below and you will go to the appropriate product card with the possibility of purchase.

Słupek odgradzający z czerwonym sznurem

Czerwona welurowa lina odgradzająca
w chromowym wykończeniu

Słupek odgradzający z czarnym sznurem

Czarna welurowa lina odgradzająca
w chromowym wykończeniu

Słupek odgradzający z niebieskim sznurem

Niebieska welurowa lina odgradzająca
w chromowym wykończeniu

Słupek odgradzający z czerwonym sznurem

Czerwona pleciona lina odgradzająca
w chromowym wykończeniu

Słupek odgradzający z czarnym sznurem

Czarna pleciona lina odgradzająca
w chromowym wykończeniu

Słupek odgradzający z niebieskim sznurem

Niebieska pleciona lina odgradzająca
w chromowym wykończeniu

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