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Exhibition systems of the highest quality!

Exhibition systems as a way of effective advertising

There is never too much advertising - says a well-known saying, and indeed it is difficult to disagree with this statement. Especially when it is an advertisement prepared well, in an original and surprising way.
There are many advertising possibilities, one of the attractive proposals are exhibition systems, i.e. popular banner stands, or roll-ups, A-boards and holders that can be found in virtually every shopping centre and at trade fairs around the world.

Original promotion at the fair and more

Exhibition systems are advertising proposals that have recently enjoyed the greatest interest, which - contrary to appearances - results primarily from the effectiveness of the aforementioned solutions. Banner stands / advertising walls are a simple and effective way to promote a company, product or service, and ultimately increase sales.
Popular roll-ups are not only a carrier of marketing content, but also excellent, specialized exhibition stands, in which the function of a promoter encouraging people to become interested in a specific company proposal is performed primarily by the pattern created as a result of the behaviour of potential customers.

It is worth noting that the number and variety of exhibition systems is very large, and more importantly, the offer is expanding every day, offering new, attractive, very light and easy-to-install solutions, thanks to which the stands are becoming more and more aesthetically attractive, colourful, equipped with surprising and unusual graphics and many additional elements.

Advertising inside and out

systemy wystawienicze, stoiska

The cheap and professional exhibition system is the key to the perfect presentation of the company, it allows for the presentation of large-format advertising and promotional graphics. The proposals of our products are addressed to internal and external exhibitions. We have products that we recommend indoors, mainly due to the very light structure and those that are perfect for events or outdoor events. Our systems can be used during banquets, training sessions, business meetings and conferences.

It is possible to combine many systems into larger structures, which undoubtedly affects their attractiveness and efficiency.

Impressive advertising systems

flagi reklamowe, windery

Advertising flags, which can be placed both inside and outside, are an impressive advertising and visual element. Depending on the technical and financial capabilities of the investor, one or more advertising flags can be used. Portable advertising flags are especially noteworthy, and they can be placed anywhere, depending on the need.

An original advertising solution are also presenters and leaflet stands - these solutions are especially useful in hotels, shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants. The leaflets placed in them look great, at the same time encouraging to be interested in the offer. Advertising stands, depending on the material from which they are made, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Impressive advertising stands and boards

The advertising stands, i.e. effective and original projects that differ in shape and size, also look impressive. In addition to standard rectangular stands, complemented by original and meaningful graphics, you can find creative advertising stands in a specific shape - this solution significantly contributes to the attractiveness and uniqueness of the advertising exhibition.

On city streets, you can often find spatial advertisements placed on pavements. Few people know that these are advertising boards, i.e. an original and simple version of an advertising stand. Advertising boards are very easy to prepare and set up, usually they consist of two boards or plates arranged in the letter "A". This type of advertisement can most often be found in front of shops or service companies.

Systemy wystawiennicze, zestawyPromotional systems for every budget

In large halls, galleries, as well as during trade fairs, exhibition counters are very often used, which perfectly combine the proverbial pleasant with the useful, i.e. a practical and aesthetic-advertising function.

As a supplement to stationary advertising elements, it is worth using suspended systems. This solution allows you to fill the space, while emphasizing the character and uniqueness of the advertising exhibition. Suspended systems perfectly match stationary (above-ground) solutions, however, care should be taken to ensure that the individual solutions harmonize with each other in terms of thematic and aesthetics, and avoid satiety. As the well-known saying goes, what is too much is not healthy - the excess of advertising elements can give the impression of chaos, thus bringing the opposite effects to the desired.

ścianki reklamowe i wystawienniczeA well-designed and prepared advertisement positively influences the attractiveness of the company, products or services, encourages people to be interested in the offer, and more importantly, increases the company's prestige.

Rich advertising offer

It can be safely said that good exhibition systems are a guarantee of success for every company at fairs, conferences, events and wherever the company's image is the key. Our offer is grouped into segments. The STANDARD offer includes the products necessary when you need to change graphics quickly and regularly, without additional skills. PREMIUM is high-class advertising systems, in which we can find roll-ups, stretch banners, modular banner systems for trade fairs, advertising walls and a very extensive offer for company flags.

A wide selection of portable exhibition sets, i.e. inspiring fabric banner stands or cost-effective advertising sets, ending with modular LINEAR components, thanks to which it is possible to create unique projects in a short time, with low financial expenditure. Our exhibition systems can be used to create stands for shopping centers, exhibitions, showrooms, as well as at conferences, sponsorship events, specialized trade fairs or wherever our creativity suggests that they will look perfect, building a positive image of the company, and this is guaranteed by our systems that are of the highest quality.

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