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3,30m Teardrop / Quill Advertising Flag 3,30m Teardrop / Quill Advertising Flag
€83.15 €83.15
Snake Fabric Stand 0,9 x 2,2 m With a Single-Sided Printout Snake Fabric Stand 0,9 x 2,2 m With a Single-Sided Printout
€343.28 €343.28
Straight Fabric Backwall - 300 x 240 cm Straight Fabric Backwall - 300 x 240 cm
€513.86 €513.86
Tasting Counter Tasting Counter
€276.45 €276.45
2,5m Shimmer Advertising Flag With the Refillable Base 2,5m Shimmer Advertising Flag With the Refillable Base
€72.43 €72.43
Straight Fabric Backwall - 240 x 240 cm Straight Fabric Backwall - 240 x 240 cm
€462.47 €462.47
Wavy Fabric Backwall - Horizontal 300 x 240 cm Wavy Fabric Backwall - Horizontal 300 x 240 cm
€575.93 €575.93
Folding A4 Leaflet Stand Folding A4 Leaflet Stand
€396.03 €396.03
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Every serious company knows the importance of advertising. All marketing specialists say that in order to get customers, you must interest them first - the right visualization is therefore the key to your success. Roll-up, as one of the most universal advertising presentation tool, can make your message reach the right recipient.

Roll-ups that customers will remember

Fairs, conferences, presentations, meetings, exhibitions - it is difficult to imagine such events without promotional elements. One of the most universal advertising media is roll-up. It allows you to present your company's logo and graphics, and it will make it noticeable to the right people. In this way, with a small financial outlay, you will attract new customers.

Comfort, durability, elegance

Advertising stands offered by our company are characterized by elegance and minimalist design. Thanks to this, your product will be in the first place. In our roll-ups, changing graphics is not a problem, and after the presentation you can quickly hide it in a handy cassette. Our roll-ups are very durable, so you can use them on many occasions - you can put them even in your own office.

Functionality and ease of assembly

Roll-ups offered by our company are easy to move and can be transported without any problems. All roll-ups are also easy to assemble and show remarkable functionality - you can easily integrate them into any space of your choice. They do not take up much space and are characterized by light and simple construction. Regardless of whether you use them during a market or conference, they were made in such a way that they work in virtually any situation.

Choose the best roll-up for yourself

We offer roll-ups in several variants: they are made of different types of materials, they also have several sizes. Economic roll-ups are a version of an advertising stand for every budget, ideal for small businesses. For larger companies, elegant standard roll-ups that are stable on almost any surface will work well. Premium roll-ups are made of the highest quality materials and have a lifetime warranty, and XXL roll-ups are a great option for anyone who would like to increase the visibility of their own advertisement. You will also find double-sided roll-ups with us to reach an even wider audience.

Roll up realizacja dla Polsko Japońskiej Realizacja roll up dla ATIVA rollup realizacja dla MES rollup agencja mienia wojskowego


Roll-ups are still one of the most effective ways to promote your business. All our advertising systems, stretch banners or roll-ups are equipped with bags for safe transport. Each roll up has a cassette and all necessary functions allowing for quick assembly.

In the RETIO store offer, we also have roll-ups with an additional cassette that contain independent cartridges that can be removed from the main base. This means that you can change your graphics quickly and easily as often as necessary. You do not need to return the entire roll-up to us to replace the graphics, you can replace the cartridges in the cartridges yourself. Ads can be exchanged at any time, which confirms that our roll-ups are an ideal product, where promotions change frequently.

Remember that Roll-up is the most popular, light and easy to use banner system. The product can be used at any occasion, and it is also an economical solution.

We have the largest selection of roll-ups on the network. Lots of dimensions, no doubt you'll find the perfect one for you.




We guess that with such a great offer to buy the most suitable roll-up, a lot of questions arise. Our experienced consultants will help in the selection.

1. Think about where and how often your roll-up will be used - inside or outside the building, every day or sometimes.

2. Choose the right type of material with our help.

3. How often do you need to change and replace graphics? If often - use a roll-up with a cassette or an additional strip (e.g. Imagine, Original Banner). Classic roll-up works when you don't change graphics too often.

4. Plan your budget. We offer both economical and premium products. Think about where the product will be used. Will it be a one-time promotion or is high quality required?

5. Product size. We have a wide range of widths and heights of our products. Before choosing, think about how much space you can devote to your promotion. Banners should focus the customer's attention without interrupting their movement around the market hall and other places.


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