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2,5m Shimmer Advertising Flag With the Refillable Base 2,5m Shimmer Advertising Flag With the Refillable Base
€72.43 €72.43
Tasting Counter Tasting Counter
€276.45 €276.45
Folding A4 Leaflet Stand Folding A4 Leaflet Stand
€396.03 €396.03
Straight Fabric Backwall - 300 x 240 cm Straight Fabric Backwall - 300 x 240 cm
€513.86 €513.86
Wavy Fabric Backwall - Horizontal 300 x 240 cm Wavy Fabric Backwall - Horizontal 300 x 240 cm
€575.93 €575.93
Snake Fabric Stand 0,9 x 2,2 m With a Single-Sided Printout Snake Fabric Stand 0,9 x 2,2 m With a Single-Sided Printout
€343.28 €343.28
3,30m Teardrop / Quill Advertising Flag 3,30m Teardrop / Quill Advertising Flag
€83.15 €83.15
Straight Fabric Backwall - 240 x 240 cm Straight Fabric Backwall - 240 x 240 cm
€462.47 €462.47
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How to effectively promote a company logo, attract customers' attention and convince them to visit our stand at a trade fair, industry conference or exhibition event? One of the most obvious, and at the same time the most natural answers to this question seems to be the one that indicates the value of display stands. And which of them are characterized by the greatest functionality and allow the most creative approach to the issue of outdoor advertising? They are certainly textile walls.

What are the advantages of fabric stands?

Fabric stands can be seen as those that are chosen primarily because of their affordable price, but it turns out that, although we are dealing with an often quoted argument, it is not the only one that is worth paying attention to.

Press stands can have different shapes, so the customer decides for himself whether he is interested in a classic solution or one that focuses attention primarily because it has an unconventional form. Thanks to this, they work great both as walls for trade fairs and for industry conferences. It is not without significance, however, that they allow to prepare and demonstrate to recipients high quality prints, characterized by a wide range of used colours and a multitude of details. When using fabric stands, you do not have to put limits on our creativity, and it is precisely its importance in the world of advertising.

It is worth mentioning that fabric stands are reusable solutions. The frame can be used to present various promotional content, and the material on which the print is placed can be washed and used at subsequent meetings without fear that its visual attractiveness will regularly decrease.

It is not without significance that the fabric stand is a convenient solution for transport. You can easily pack it and take it with you to the fair, and its assembly is so uncomplicated that full-time employees of the company are able to handle it.

The best press walls only in our store

Looking for a fabric stands you can get dizzy. We are dealing with an increasingly popular solution, so it is not surprising that the number of companies that are able to propose them is also systematically growing. Choosing the best offer is not easy, but it does not mean that it is not possible.
In our online store, we focus only on those textile walls that will appeal to both our customers and the people who work with them.

We focus on both visual attractiveness and high quality of performance of these important elements of the company's external promotion, and we record great successes in this field. Our offer is systematically supplemented with new solutions so that people interested in placing an order can be sure that they choose only among the best proposals on the market.

Fabric stands are modern solutions on the advertising market that have several important and beneficial functional features. These are systems for presenting graphics on high-quality flexible material that stretches onto the system's frame. The material has been adapted to refresh and wash, also perfect for exhibitors who often use their systems.

All fabric stands have bags specially adapted for transport. The manufacturer's warranty for them is up to 5 years! These systems are also characterized by easy assembly and disassembly, without the use of any tools. They are innovative solutions, also their shapes are also modernist, but not necessarily. Surprise your recipients with interesting, differently shaped than classic system shapes. Get them to pay attention to the transmitted content. Available in widths from 0.6m to 6.1m. Thanks to the use of fabric for graphics - the colors please the eye with saturated colors and vividness of colors.

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